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Our Services

We provide the following energy related services:

  • Facility Lighting Survey and Retrofit Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Solar Energy Site Survey and System Design
  • Incentive Filing Services – Search For and File Applications For Rebates
  • Fleet Fuel and Service Analysis
Our Products

We utilize a wide range of products from a variety of top tier manufacturers and work to secure the best pricing possible from our vendors. We offer products to accommodate the following energy solutions:

  • Solar Photovoltaics – Mono and Polycrystalline Modules from US manufacturers, Inverters, and Racking Systems
  • Solar Thermal – Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube Panels, Pumps and Controllers, Storage Tanks, and Racking Systems
  • Lighting – High Efficiency T5/T8 Linear Fluorescent Fixtures, LED solutions for outdoor and indoor applications, T12 retrofit kits, LED exit signs and replacement bulbs, LED Dock Lights, LED and Induction Outdoor Area Lighting
Also Available

Zetrec Energy Solutions, LLC is dedicated to finding the best energy saving solutions for our customers. Our custom energy saving portfolio also includes extensive experience with the following:

  • Power Conditioning –  Full facility power quality and use analysis for single load point and whole facility power conditioning equipment.
  • Co-Generation – Full co-generation system analysis and design with co-generation microturbines from several manufacturers.
  • Building Controls – Full wireless mesh network to control lighing, HVAC and other electrical devices.
Trade Ally

A Trade Ally is a contractor, engineer, or energy savings distributor or retailer who has received training on a specific program and is fully educated on a program's rules and procedures. A Trade Ally plays an important role in educating business customers about energy efficeincy programs and rebates.

Zetrec Energy Solutions is dedicated to finding the maximum rebates for our customers and is proud to be a registered Trade Ally for the following:

  • Com Ed Smart Idea's for your Business
  • Illinois DCEO
  • Ameren Missouri
  • Ameren Illinois
  • Rocky Mountain Power–Utah
  • XCEL Energy

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