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Why Solar?

The United States is second only to China in world energy consumption. We make up only 5% of the world population and we consume 20% of the daily energy produced.

Why solar now? Investment in a solar project by the typical US consumer is basically motivated by environmental concerns and financial concerns.

Environmentally, Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems allow the production of a renewable source of energy at the point of use, and decrease the dependence on foreign fossil fuels. This alone is enough motivation for many.

Financially, the decrease in the price of solar panels and components in the past couple of years, and Federal, State and Local incentives have made an investment in a solar system more attractive to commercial and residential consumers.

Where do you start?

Zetrec Energy Solutions is committed to securing the best possible pricing from the top US solar manufacturers of both Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems. Your solar installation consists of a detailed site assessment, full system design, cost analysis, permitting, installation and interconnection with your utility.

Site Assessment

  • Utility Bill Evaluation – Collect one year of utility bills to evaluate energy usage and average monthly costs.
  • Site Review – Determine best location for your solar system. Includes assessment of roof orientation, shading concerns from trees or buildings, quality and age of roofing material, underlying infrastructure and load analysis.
  • Financial Incentive Evaluation – Assist in finding all available Federal, State, and Local Utility incentives. Assist in processing and submitting incentives for the customer.
  • Solar Site Analysis – Preliminary System Design to include layout, product specifications, system capacity, cost, estimated return on investment and financial options.

System Installation

  • Final Site Survey – All system components, design and layout finalized.
  • Engineered Drawings – Stamped engineered drawings to satisfy all local building requirements.
  • Construction Permits – Obtain all required building permits and arrange for all final inspections.
  • Installation Supervision – With certified and trained electricians and/or plumbers.
  • Interconnection with Local Utility – New meter installed by utility and interconnection finalized.
Mounting Options
Solar PV and Solar Thermal Rooftop Mount

Roof Mount

Solar PV Flat Roof Mount

Flat Roof Mount

Solar PV Canopy Mount

Pole Mount

Solar PV Canopy Mount

Canopy Mount

Solar Power Calculator

The Solar Power Calculator can be used as a rough estimate for the cost of Solar PV system. We believe there is value in a rough estimate because it can give you a starting point to determine if solar is right for you today.

With the continuing fluctuations in module and component pricing, variations in labor costs in different states, and changes in rebate programs at the State and Local Utility level, as well as your individual site considerations, an accurate estimate can only be given with a full site assessment.

Input various electricity offsets (25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%) to give yourself a ballpark of what you would like to do.

The calculator also gives you an estimate of the carbon emissions your business or household generates based on monthly kWh usage.


Zetrec Energy Solutions LLC is a registered dealer for the following solar manufacturers or wholesalers:

AEE Solar Logo

AEE Solar has been in the renewable energy business since 1979, and is a wholesale distributor for most of the major solar manufacturers in the industry. They have a complete online catalog, and have one of the most extensive inventories in the industry. They pride themselves on "being more than a business. It is a way of life."

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Next Generation Energy Logo

Next Generation Energy has developed many of their own solar products and also distributes solar products from many of the major manufacturers. Next Generation Energy prides itself in its engineering and sales support for turnkey installations. NGE has a state of the art racking system called Zilla™ that is "So Simple It's Scary™."

Zetrec Energy Solutions LLC is a certified installer for the following manufacturer:

OutBack Power Logo

Outback Power's Radian Series Inverter/Charger allows for both a grid interactive and stand alone system in the same system. Outback Power has achieved their goal of offering a state of the art inverter system that "makes the design of any battery based system of any size as easy as string inverters."

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   Federal, State and Utility incentives for solar in your area can be found at the DSIRE SOLAR website.

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