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Old Warehouse Light
Do you have a warehouse full of old lighting?

The cost of waiting to do anything about it is hurting your bottom line.

It is an established fact that lighting accounts for more than 40% of electricity usage in offices, stores and commercial buildings in the United States.

A 100,000 sq ft commercial warehouse operating 24 hours per day with 300 to 400 fixtures can easily spend greater than $100,000 per year on lighting bills.

Return on Investment for lighting retrofits are typically 1 to 3 years. It's not necessary to keep throwing more money at your utility.

Old Warehouse Light
Help the Environment—Help Your Bottom Line

The benefits of energy efficient commercial lighting include:

  • Decreased energy bills
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduction in cooling loads
  • Reduction in glare and eye strain
  • Reduction in yearly maintenance
  • Increased lumens
  • Reduction in lamp disposal costs
  • Maintain luminosity longer
  • More natural lighting
  • Federal, State, and/or Local Incentives

You can use your yearly savings to pay for the lighting project investment, as well as benefit from EPAct 2005 tax deductions and local utility rebates. Check your company's electric bill for the amount you pay monthly into your utilities rebate program. It makes sense to get some of that money back.

Warehouse Case Study
# Fixtures Replaced 256
Annual Hours/Fixture 4290
Existing Annual kWh 351,475
kWh Saved 193,505
Yearly Maintenance Savings $19,043.58
New Fixture Price Total $30,589.00
Annual Operating Cost Existing $38,398.82
Annual Operating Cost New $15,546.53

The 100,000 sq ft manufacturing plant operates 12 hours/day.

The lighting retrofit qualified them for the $.60/sq ft EPAct 2005 tax deduction, in addition to state and local utility incentives.*

If this company had chosen to do nothing, they would have

  • Lost $95,218 over 5 years
  • Lost $380,872 over 20 years

Return on Investment was less than 2 years.

Environmental Impact

Lighting causes pollution due to the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. In this case study, the kWh savings per year were able to offset some of this pollution by the following amounts:

  • 290,257 pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • 483,762 grams of Sulfur Dioxide
  • 1,122,327 grams of Nitrogen Oxides

According to the USEPA, this has the effect of:

  • Planting 36 acres of trees
  • Removing 27 cars from the road each year
  • Saving 17,591 gallons of gasoline each year
Do you have an office that is full of T12 fixtures?

T12 bulbs are being phased out of production, and in 2013 many utility rebates for retrofitting T12 fixtures to T8 or T5 fixtures are being phased out as well. If your company waits too long to upgrade your office lights, you will lose out on rebate money. Again, the price of doing nothing is hurting your bottom line.

Shadow Line

   *Federal, State and Utility incentives for lighting in your area can be found at the DSIRE website.

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