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  • 1. How many solar panels do I need?

    The number of solar panels you require will depend on your power usage, availability of space for a solar system, and also how much of your power bill you would like to offset.

  • 2. What is the standard payback period?

    Standard payback periods are going to depend on your annual usage, your utility rates, the efficiencies of the style panel chosen, your geographic location and the insolation value for your site. In general, paybacks are usually over 10 years depending on your location.

  • 3. How much solar potential does my site have?

    You can consult a solar insolation map of the United States such as the one found at the website for NREL. Remember that these maps only tell you general conditions for your area. The panels need to be installed in an area that is not shaded by other buildings or tall trees. Solar monitors can also be set up at your site.

  • 4. Do solar panels need to be mounted on my roof?

    Panels are typically mounted on the roof, but they can be mounted on the ground in an unobstructed area that is not shaded by other buildings or trees.

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  • 5. Can my solar panels handle a hail storm?

    A solar panel glazing is a thick tempered glaze that has been tested to withstand most hail storms.

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  • 6. What happens to my power output when it snows?

    PV and solar thermal panels need sunshine to operate at their rated output. Snow is an obstruction to sunshine. Some sunshine will make it through a couple inches of snow, but heavy coverage would decrease efficiencies significantly. The calculation of your yearly output should be based on the variations in the seasons encountered in your area.

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  • 7. Are there federal or state solar incentives for my state?

    State and Federal incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency can be found at DSIRE website.

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  • 8. What is the warranty?

    THE SOLAR PANELS ARE COVERED UNDER THE MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Typical warranties for the panels can vary from 20-25 years, and the rest of the system such as inverters is typically 5 years. The actual terms and conditions or your warranty will depend on which manufacturer you choose.

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  • 9. Do I need a permit to install a solar system?

    Yes, a permit from your building department will be required to install your solar system. A solar system will usually require inspections for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Most building departments have solar regulations established. If your department does not have established regulations, you may need to apply for a zoning variance at a public hearing with your local planning board. Remember to include the permitting fees in the cost of your system. We can provide the support to help you through this process.

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  • 10. How much maintenance do my solar panels require?

    The good news is that solar panels require little if any regular maintenance. Snow can be wiped away, or leaves can be hosed off your solar PV panels. Likewise, your evacuated tube or flat panels for your solar thermal system can be hosed down, or gently wiped with whatever the manufacturer recommends.

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  • 11. What happens when the power from the utility goes out?

    Most solar systems are grid-tied. So if your power goes out in your neighborhood, the power will go out at your house too.

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  • 12. Do I need battery backup for my solar panels?

    Battery backup could add as much as 25% to the cost of your grid-tie system. The occasional power outage for most people is not enough of a nuisance to pay the added cost.

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